Corporate Social Responsibility

With Corporate Social Responsibility as part of our core values, the RNV Welfare Foundation was established in 2015 with a mission to support programs and develop initiatives for social impact. Since its incorporation the RNV Welfare Foundation has been working to help individuals and NGOs that work in the sector.

Early Education

The Foundation has undertaken and supports social welfare activities that promote education and early development in schools at a grassroot level. We continue to work with organizations across the city and state that work in basic and primary education.

IT Education

Supporting and promoting computer literacy and opportunities in the field of Information Technology has been an area of involvement for the foundation. The foundation works with aiding and supporting organizations in this sector.

Holistic Development

Development for children who may not have access to opportunities that can hone their skills can hamper their holistic development. Understanding how this can hamper social impact has led us to support and work with social welfare groups for giving children access to Co-curricular activities like music, dance, karate and sports.

Supporting Drives for Sanitation, Food & Literacy

The foundation supports smaller drives across the city for healthcare, sanitation, literacy, reading and other charitable causes. These are designed to create scalable, sustainable and long-term social impact on society at large.

Volunteer Link

The RNV Welfare Foundation is developing a social outreach initiative ‘Volunteer Link’ with the aim of serving as a platform for accessible and transparent volunteer outreach. This platform will allow individuals, corporations and organizations to volunteer their time, skills, goods or services at a time and location convenient to them. It also serves as a platform for NGOs and other social development organizations to list themselves and connect with individuals or organizations who want to make an impact in the social sector.